#WorldOnFire is now available

Critics love CG&BR’s new music.

“#WorldOnFire is my superlative musical discovery of 2018 thus far, as it’s a splendidly multifarious and entrancing tour-de-force from start to finish…a gripping, imaginative, meditative, and cohesive conceptual production.” Rebel Noise

“an ambitious, overtly political album that is an absolute rollercoaster of musical styles, raw emotion and heady themes.” Radio One Chicago

Fat Cats opens with some chunky riffs and when the vocals kick in, a bluesy alt rock feel quickly emerges. It doesn’t stop the band’s creative music takes us even further; curious indeed!” Beehive Candy

“Fire Brigade has the “energy of mid-90s power pop/alternative hits,” striking a “fun balance of pulsating guitars and soaring harmonies.” Music. Defined.

“Chicago-based funky art rock “Chicago-based funky art rock sextet Curious Grace & Black Rabbit take on rampant consumerism with their new single Fat Cats, a prog rock anthem featuring the impressive vocal range of singer Mary Erangey. She managed to mix classical phrasing with jazz and rock. Protest songs don’t need to be simple singalongs – it can be done with smart chord changes and complex rhythmic structures as well.” Here Comes the Flood music blog

Discography from earlier Curious Grace & Black Rabbit releases, as well as releases from Curious Grace, also are available for streaming and purchase.

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Curious Grace & Black Rabbit